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Most of the people experience weakness and fatigue due to low level of hemoglobin in their blood. We can cure this weakness , by following the tips below.

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  • Take 1 Cup beetroot juice, 1 cup of apple juice, mixed with either sugar or honey once a day to prevent weakness.

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  • Take a ripe banana with 1 tbsp of honey 2 times a day to treat weakness.

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  • A mixture of apple and tomato juice also helps to fight against the weakness.

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  • Eating a lot of salad also helps

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  • Honey is very good for an anemic person because it helps increase the hemoglobin in the blood. It is rich in iron, copper and manganese. Is required for the absorption of iron. It is recommended to take two any citrus fruits daily.

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  • Drink peppermint tea to increase appetite.

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  • Oranges stimulate the flow of digestive juices, thereby improving digestion and increasing appetite.

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  • The juice of sour grapes is another effective remedy for anorexia. The juice of these grapes should be used in kneading the flour before preparing chapattis. Chapattis made in this manner should be eaten continuously for two to three weeks.

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  • About one teaspoon of the juice of lime should be mixed with an equal quantity of the juice of ginger. One gram of rock salt should be added to this mixture. It should then be placed in sunlight for three days. A teaspoon taken after each meal will tone up the digestive system and improve the appetite.

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  • Apples help in digestion by stimulating the flow of pepsin, a protein-digesting enzyme, in the stomach.

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  • Supplements of vitamins and minerals should be taken to increase the appetite.

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  • Drink lots of water by adding some water or salt to it.

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  • Prepare a mixture by adding 1/2 tsp lemon juice, 1/2 tsp ginger juice, and 1/4 tsp pepper powder and drink it.

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  • Take yogurt, buttermilk, mint, apple, pomegranate, papaya, banana, carrot, potato, etc.

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  • Eat 4-5 dates daily to replenish the lost energy.

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  • Soak one dried fig, 2 almonds and a few dried raisins in water. Keep this overnight and in the morning, first thing, drink the water, eat the figs and raisins, peel the almonds and eat it. Do not eat the skin of the almonds.

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  • Make a drink of glucose powder and a pinch of salt in water. Lime or lemon juice can be added for taste. Drink this as often as necessary.
  • Avoid cold drinks and colas/sodas. The coolness of the drink may be refreshing at the time but it heats up the body from inside. The body tries to balance the cold temperature of the drink with the temperature of the body itself. Thus raises the body temperature after some time.
  • Avoid heat or hot surroundings.
  • Bed rest is advisable for people feeling weak.

If weakness prolongs without any cause, it is advisable to see your doctor immediately as it may be a symptom of some ailment/disease.


sai krupa said...

Nice post on the home remedies for the prevention of Anemia in a natural way along with the co-related info, Thanks for sharing the innovative content.

reginag said...

This is such a great prevention on tooth decay.

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william roy said...

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Rosal Saini said...


mhxnali said... banana shake is best cure of weakness.Home Remedies To Cure WEAKNESS IN BODY

Thomas foster said...

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addy nelson said...

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Caroline Barongo said...

Priceless information on this post. I will definitely eat my banana with honey. Most of these suggestions are actually sweet and desirable! Thanks for pointing out the right direction. What role does the blessed black seed oil play in reducing fatigue, though? I read of its potent and I think it should be a part of this list.

Hashmi Dawakhana said...

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Unknown said...

very nice, helps people with good concern


Bren Murphy said...

I noticed you suggested not to eat the skin of the almonds - is there any reason for this?
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